Suncatcher creator / crystal Artist Hiroko InoueHi,everyone, I’m Hiroko Inoue. Living in Tokyo. I have the advanced knowledge of generation of the work of art by jewelry and crystal. My Artworks gives customers the energy. There is the ray of hope. I like that by own artworks, customers become happy. I feel joy by work every day. 2014, for international orders, create works of more than 100. And preparing the launch of the ‘Crystal Lei Hiroko’ brand. The ray of hope is sent to you.

Education / Eualification

Tokyo Woman’s Christian University Junior College English Department
Chuo University Law Department
U.S. Crystal Academy certified senior facilitator
UK Aura-Soma Authorized Practitioner
Japan FP Association Certified Financial Planner AFP


Chosen by the Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., active in the event of domestic and overseas as an image model ‘Miss Nissan Fair Lady’. Spend living abroad for about two years over the by-product of history and art to Europe and North America countries.


Engaged in work related to gems and jewelry shop and jewelry salon.

2010 or later

AKASAKA JEWELRY DESING SHOOL gem identification Graduated
U.S. Crystal Academy certified facilitator

My Mission

The creation of crystal art work by making use of knowledge and profound knowledge and crystal jewelry.I deal with more than 100 works to date in 2014 in the center of an order from abroad.And preparing the launch of ‘Crystal Lei Hiroko’ brand.